Australia’s Giant Cuttlefish

Howard Hall travelled to South Australia to film the mating rituals of the Giant Australian cuttlefish.  Every year, the cuttlefish gather in the shallow algae gardens of Australia’s southern ocean to mate and lay their eggs. The males, which can reach more than three feet in length and weigh over twenty pounds, compete for females with displays of color, pattern and texture. Their courtship and skirmishes with other males is quite dazzling.

Howard Hall is a wildlife filmmaker who specializes in marine wildlife films. He has directed many television films including a National Geographic Special and three episodes of the PBS series Nature. Working with his wife, producer Michele Hall, Howard also directed the award winning, five-hour series Secrets of the Ocean Realm. His television work has resulted in six Emmy Awards.

Howard is perhaps best known for his underwater IMAXÒ films.   In 1994 he directed the first ever, underwater IMAX 3D feature, Into the Deep, and in 1998 he directed the IMAX film, Island of the Sharks (produced by Michele Hall). Howard was Director of Underwater Cinematography for the IMAX film Lost Worlds, The Living Sea, and the IMAX 3D feature, Return to Hubble.  He was Underwater Cinematographer for Journey Into Amazing Caves and in 2002 was Underwater Sequence Director for the IMAX feature Coral Reef Adventure, a film in which both he and Michele are featured on-camera. In 2005 Howard directed his third IMAX feature, Deep Sea 3D, a Warner Brothers/IMAX film produced by Michele Hall and Toni Myers.  Both Into the Deep and Deep Sea 3D are among the top five highest grossing IMAX 3D films ever produced by IMAX.  In 2009, Howard’s fourth IMAX film, Under the Sea 3D, produced by Michele Hall and Toni Myers, was released. 

Howard Hall has been on the masthead of several magazines. His photographs and/or articles have been widely published in magazines and he has authored several books. Howard holds a BS degree in zoology from San Diego State University.  He is a member of the Directors Guild of America and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  He is also is a lifetime member of the Historical Diving Society and the San Diego Oceans Foundation. Howard has a Masters rating in hang gliding and an Instructors rating in ultralight aircraft.




 Major funding for Sensational Sea Two DVD was provided by the Carrow Foundation.