Composer, Musician

From Mark:
To have passion in your life is to be blessed. As a musician and a diver, I am very fortunate to have been blessed twice. Ever since I was a child, I have always had an insatiable affinity for the sea…I am drawn to it, very comfortable in it, never bored by it, inspired by it's beauty and diversity and humbled by its sheer force and power.  

And music, which is an intangible connection to one's soul, has always intrigued me and challenged me on so many levels; its intricacies, melodic possibilities and combinations are limitless and its inspirational and emotional impact on our lives can be life changing.

As a musician who dives', diving affords me a unique opportunity to experience our planet's greatest asset, our underwater world firsthand, not only to appreciate it from a different perspective but also to feel what being part of it feels like. That insight is invaluable when considering how best to musically support and enhance a visual representation of that real life moment you see in film. Writing music inspired by being underwater also allows me to share those emotions with you and adds an emotional element to these visually spectacular moments captured by these very talented and gifted photographers, cinema photographers and filmmakers you see here. 

My writing music for Sensational Seas II is in my own small way, part of my contribution to help support the effort to protect and preserve those elements of our marine ecosystem that still exist today and to help rebuild those elements that we have lost. If each of us does something to help, we can change the course of our planet's future and affect our future in a positive way. Remember; if we all do a little it's a lot… 

Oceans together, joined forever, this planet should not be called earth…       ~ Mark Cunningham 

Mark, who resides in Manhattan, has been diving for the past twenty years. It's funny when I meet people in the city they say, “You should move to an island and dive”…to which I reply, “But I do live on an island and dive!”





 Major funding for Sensational Sea Two DVD was provided by the Carrow Foundation.