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Rajan Takes the Plunge

Thirty years ago Nancy McGee heard about a Cousteau expedition to the Andaman Islands to document elephants swimming from island to island.  She vowed then to photograph a swimming elephant from below, and so she did! Rajan is a 56-year-old Asia bull elephant, brought to the Andaman Islands years ago to work in the logging industry.  In the year 2000, the Indian government, who controls the Andaman Islands, placed a moratorium on logging in the archipelago. Rajan was purchased by a resort where he spends his retirement swimming in the waters of the Bay of Bengal.

Nancy McGee is a public school educator whose passion includes scuba diving and the under water world.  She has been a scuba diver and underwater photographer for thirty years. Nancy, a PADI master instructor, has trained nearly 1000 divers and led diving expeditions to six continents.  She tirelessly promotes the dive industry, the ecology of the sea, and the sport of scuba diving. She accomplishes this by filming and producing documentaries showing marine animal behavior, diving destinations, coral reef health and local culture.  She uses these films to educate students, divers and the general public about the underwater world, and the cultures of many developing nations.  Nancy is a frequent presenter to schools, clubs, and community service groups, and is a featured speaker and emcee for national and international dive shows and film festivals. 

For the past decade, Nancy was the business manager to five-time Emmy-award winning diving pioneer and legend Stan Waterman, handling PR, film preservation, exotic dive travel, filming and post production of documentaries. She has restored, digitized, and resurrected many of his vintage films, and provided Stan’s narration to preserve some of the history of diving and creating a bench line for the state of the world’s oceans.

Twenty years ago Nancy created Island Time Scuba, a dive travel and training center in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. She conducts group tours and films in many of the world’s most exotic dive locations; some so remote the local natives have never before seen Western people.  She has filmed for NBC and Discovery, and written for a variety of dive journals and publications. She was a 2008 inductee into the Women Divers’ Hall of Fame. 




 Major funding for Sensational Sea Two DVD was provided by the Carrow Foundation.