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Stan Waterman has been at the forefront of scuba diving since its inception as a recreational sport both in this country and throughout the world. In the 1950's, inspired by Jacques Cousteau's revolutionary invention of the Aqua Lung, Mr. Waterman acquired the first one in Maine and went on to pioneer scuba diving in that state.

From his first SCUBA endeavor − operating a dive business in the Bahamas from 1954 to 1958 − Waterman carried a camera with him underwater, and has put it to admirable use. In 1965 he took his family − wife and three children − to Tahiti. Their career was launched when National Geographic purchased rights to their tropical odyssey. Over the decades, he has continued to record his worldwide journeys and adventures on film − most were ultimately purchased as television documentaries. A few of his most memorable efforts include a 1968 collaboration with Peter Gimbel on the shark film classic Blue Water, White Death, co-director of underwater photography for The Deep, and ten years of production work with friend and neighbor Peter Benchley for ABC's American Sportsman. Most recently the Discovery Channel produced a two-hour biographical special about Waterman's lifetime of underwater exploits entitled The Man Who Loves Sharks.

Waterman graduated from Dartmouth in 1946, where he studied with Robert Frost and earned a B.A. in English. He has maintained an appreciation of language and literature throughout his life.

Mr. Waterman's first book, Sea Salt, was published in 2005 and is in its second printing. Mr. Waterman continues to dive, film, lecture, and hosts dive tours.

He is married and is the father of two sons and a daughter, each of whom has acquired a special love of the sea from him. He and his oldest son, Gordy, a successful cameraman in his own right, won the first father and son Emmy for their work together in the "National Geographic Explorer" production, Dancing With Stingrays. Mr. Waterman maintains residences in New Jersey and Maine.

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 Major funding for Sensational Sea Two DVD was provided by the Carrow Foundation.